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October 6, 2017 – Day 6

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of format I would like set forth here at Bent Blossom. Ultimately, I do not want to simply bombard the world with lengthy posts about my day. Although, those types of entries will be prevalent, there are other things I would like to share. I have goals for Bent Blossom, however, like all things me, I do much better if my goals unfold step by step. I will add that it is my intention to have the blog format completely set by the end of October, 2017.

With that being said, I have decided two things this morning. Number one, I am only going to blog Monday through Friday. My brain and fingers need a break, at least for now. If things progress to where I need to make entries on Saturday and Sunday then, of course, I will do that but for right now, my brain is only mustering up for Monday to Friday. You may leave comments/likes on Saturday and Sundays. I will most certainly be checking in and responding every day. Just only posting on weekdays.

Number two, I have decided that Friday is a good day to share my photography. Yipee! I know you are excited about it. I am teaching myself photography. I do this mainly by trial and error, learning from my circle of spectacularly, awesome photographer friends and occasionally by taking online classes. Currently, my main focus through the lens is nature and wildlife. On Fridays, I will be sharing one of my photos. My ultimate goal is to offer my work for purchase on Bent Blossom. Ultimately.

This week’s photo was taken in the early morning in one of my favorite spots to wander. I am in Arizona and this is part of the Tonto National Forrest, near the Salt River. I go there often to roam by the Salt River through magical mesquite groves and photograph the Salt River Wild Horse herd. You, will definitely be seeing and hearing about these lovely beings! In this shot, you can see Four Peaks, which is visible from the entire Valley of the Sun.

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