Distracted Day

Well, It is 4:47 in the morning.

I have yet to write a post for Thursday. It is not because I do not have anything rattling around the old cranium but rather because my mind swirling with so many things that I am having trouble narrowing down what I want to write about.

There is something that happened to me on Wednesday that I felt was really cool. I was at the grocery store at 3:30 in the afternoon grabbing some grub for dinner. I ended up with almost half a cart full of “things we needed” as I meandered through the store but I do take responsibility for the extra yummy stuff. I broke two of the major food shopping rules. One, I was hungry when I went to the grocery store. Two, I wandered around without a list falling for all those sales and coupons. Oh well.

I headed up toward the registers ready to check out only to find there was not a single cash register open. The only available registers were the self check out units guarded by one single cashier and a lanky  manager. It is stupid but it upset me. Not angry upset but irritated upset. There is a whole row of empty registers and not a cashier in sight. I do not know where they were but it was clearly not aisles 1-10.

The second reason I was perturbed was that I has so much stuff in my cart. I do not mind using the self check out if I have a few items but when I have half a cart of heavy stuff, I would prefer to load it on the conveyor and let the cashier ring it up. The checking out process goes much faster with a cashier than with me fumbling around at self check out and talking  back to the lady who is forever reminding me to “place item back in the bagging area”. I want to go, go, go and she wants to put it back, put it back, put it back.

By the time I rang up all of my groceries and headed out to my car, my frustration level had risen a few more notches. I was slowly, creeping over into the red zone because, not just because of the self check out machine but also due to the fact that as I stepped outside it was a balmy 97 degrees in the valley of the sun. Where is the cool fall weather?! Right. We don’t have a fall season.

I am mumbling to myself as I get to my car. I open the back door and some guy pulls into the space next me and attempts to squeeze past me, the car door and my groceries. I stood up, closed the car door a little and waited for him to pass. It was at this moment that every thing shifted. The gentleman turned, looked at me and said, “Here, let me help you load your groceries.”

I was stunned. At first I said it was no bother and I could get it myself but he insisted that he help and then proceeded to help me load all of my groceries into my car. When he was done, he offered to take my cart back inside with him. I said thank you at least a dozen times and he replied, “It is my pleasure in the best of British accents. Then he walked into the grocery store. I got in my car and left.

I laughed a little as I pulled out of the parking lot because one kind gesture totally changed the direction  my afternoon was headed.

Kindness. It is pretty cool.
Be brave.
Jamie Christine


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