Oh! The Resolutions…

I confess. I don’t have resolutions.

I never do. Many years ago, I made the New Year’s Resolution to never make another one. It is the only resolution that I have ever kept. Now, before anyone flips out and lectures me about the importance of making goals, please give me at least a blog post to explain why I do not make resolutions.

I was in my early twenties when I bid a final farewell to many of the New Year Eve’s traditions. I do not rub my hands in bowl full of coins for more money. I do not eat black-eyed peas or herring on a cracker for good luck in the coming year. I do not frantically change my calendar to welcome in the new year. I do not do any of that stuff and I do not make resolutions to fix my weight, my job or my soul.

I do acknowledge that these traditions are social activities that bind us together and therefore they hold importance in society and communities. Eating black-eyed peas or making wishes together are common activities that we can focus on instead of our differences. In short, they bind us together in a common act or desire. We all want to hope that our lives will be better in the new year. In reality, they are superstitions that do not actually have any credible influence on how much luck manifests in the next year of our life.

Why did I quit good luck superstitions or new year resolutions?
There were two reasons.

Reason number one. I never managed to keep or fulfill any of my resolutions. In truth, by mid February I had all but forgotten my carefree resolutions. I came to understand, that my resolutions were no different than any of the other good luck activities. I did not really give any serious thought to what I set out to change. I hastily, and in my early years, drunkenly, prattled off a list of my faults that the New Year was going “correct” for me.

Reason number two. When good luck or the magical “new” year did not produce a whole new me, I became discouraged. I concluded that I was a bad person responsible for the entire universe gone awry. I was the ultimate failure because even good luck could not come my way. This was a dangerous internal dialogue that no amount of black-eyed peas was going to fix. Wishing wasn’t going to make see myself in a more positive light.

Good luck was not the answer. It never worked. On a hap-hazard, laughter filled, wine induced New Year’s Eve, I announced that I was never going to make another resolution and trust luck to fix all my problems. Instead, I started making goals. I focused on three goals a year that I was responsible for manifesting in my life. That’s is when things began to change. I no longer sat back and relied on fate to solve my problems. I took time to consider the direction that I wanted my life to go, made goals according to my plans and then worked on meeting those goals. Sometimes I do not actually make my goals.That is okay. I work toward them. I have discovered that working toward my goals shows me what I need to do make to them a reality. I practice reality every year not good luck.

Hard work will be the primary tool in shaping the life you desire. 2017 did not hate you. 2018 is not going to magically make your life better. The New Year is not a fix all moment. It is a day on the calendar. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a good time to reflect on your life and your goals. It is a good season to come up with a plan. It is a great idea to celebrate with family and friends. These things are absolutely true. Superstitions and good luck are not the Universes handymen to problem solve your life.

I don’t intend to sound harsh but that was the difference for me. Resolutions, black-eyed peas and bowls full of pennies relied on some good luck fairy to swoop down, waiving a magic wand that was going to make all my problems disappear. When that didn’t happen, I could easily blame luck because I did not have the life I wanted or wasn’t the person that I wanted to be. I held no responsibility in the outcome of a year, an entire year of my life. Making goals meant that I was responsible and accountable for my how my life turned out. I made the choice to do away with superstitions and empty wishes. I embraced the reality that I was in charge of my goals coming true.

Maybe, reality is cold and harsh. At the end of today, the New Year is not going to bring you a better life or make you a better person. January 1 is just a day on a calendar. Sure, it is the beginning of a new calendar year and that is good for marking time but not so good for life changes and life plans. The next 364 days are in your hands.

My goals for this year are really a continuation of the direction I was headed in when 2017 ended.

Goal 1- Establish an online blog and business. This has been developing for many years. I am getting close. Closer than I have ever been.
Goal 2- Move out of the Valley of the Sun. I need to get out of this valley for a variety of reasons. Health and happiness being the top two.
Goal 3- See my mom, Jeri. I’ve seen her once since April 1993. It sucks.

These next three goals are kind of a given in my life. They apply no matter what year.
Goal 1-Be kind. Learn to practice kindness every day.
Goal 2. Be thankful. Learn to spend more time expressing gratitude and less time complaining.
Goal 3. Photography. Learn more. Do more. Grow more.

Make goals in reality not resolutions hoping for good luck to fix your world. You’ll get a whole lot more accomplished and next New Year’s Eve, you can be proud of what you have done and not spend the evening blaming the calendar for not making all your dreams come true.

Be brave.
Jamie Christine


Monday Meet Up

Good Monday Afternoon!

I hope all of you have are having a super happy start to your week. I’m in a good place. Feeling a little like a doofus since I missed my post early this morning. I slept right through all my alarms. I had been up close to 24 hours so it was good to sleep in a bit.

I have found temporary employment. Yippee! I don’t start work till early November so we are scrambling to keep everything a float for a little while longer. Boy, I tell ya, tough times are so stressful! It takes some strong fortitude to hang in there in day after day. I am eager for the world to stop spinning but I don’t anticipate this for a couple more months or longer. There are lots of things to get settled and more changes on the horizon. Plus, if my temp job doesn’t convert to permanent employment then my job hunt essentially never ends. Deep sigh…

One positive thing on the horizon in November is a free business class! My local library is offering a FREE class on how to start-up a business in my city. Three Wednesday nights and they will cover everything from licensing to marketing to operation. Guess who is already signed up? Ha, ha! Me! I am so excited for it. Within the last month, I have said out loud to the universe, “I’d love to start my own business but I don’t have a clue how to do this.” Bingo! Free business class. LOVE IT!!

So, this week starts out kind of mixed up. Some struggles still happening but some good positive things coming into picture as well. Out with the old. In with the new.

That’s where are right now.
Be brave.
Jamie Christine


Humble Beginnings

October 1, 2017

At 47 years old, I am suppose to have it all together. Well, I don’t. I guess that is why I have not a clue as to why I am bothering with a blog. I’ve had many blogs in the past. Don’t search for them. They’ve all been deleted. In my own world, I consider them practice blogs. Practice, practice, practice for the day I create the perfect blog. Yeah, right. Truthfully, they are just failed attempts at an idea that won’t go away.

A blog. A story. A change.

I keep wondering why I can not shake this idea. I never stick with it. I do not know why I do it. People never read it. Maybe, I have nothing interesting or funny or thought provoking to say. Maybe, I suck at writing blogs. Maybe, I am just a boring nobody. Maybe, my voice is faint among all the internet noise. Maybe, I am tired or scared or alone. Maybe, I am sitting around waiting for someone else to do it so I can then sit back and say, “See! That was my idea!”. Maybe, I have a ton of excuses and no reasons. Maybe, I am too afraid to be completely honest. Ouch.

So, what am I doing here?

This past week, I walked out on my new customer service representative job where I was in training to process insurance claims. Boring. Anxiety attacks ruled my week. In a snot filled, blubbering, red eyed frenzy, I fled the building mumbling to myself, “I can’t do this anymore”. I jumped in my Kia Soul and left the parking lot. Quitting my job in a flurry of tears, snot and ragged breaths.

In the five days, since my less than graceful exit from part time employment, I have applied to multiple jobs and received no response, thus far. I have paced the floor, eaten way too many Klondike ice cream sandwiches and shed many tears in fear and worry. Every night before I climb into bed, I throw this thought out to God, the Universe and any guardian angel who might be listening, “I need an idea. I need to know what to do. Wake me up tomorrow with a idea or a plan.” Upon waking, my thoughts always turn to Bent Blossom, the blog that I set up over a year ago and have never taken the plunge.

Eighteen months ago, I had that blog idea surface again. After many days of tossing about names and ideas, I secured Bent Blossom with the intention of writing and selling my photography, jewelry and make some other stuff. Then, I never came back. I never worked on it, just paid for it and let it sit in cyber space gathering dust.

So, I wake up everyday thinking of Bent Blossom. All day I get little nudges and reminders to write on Bent Blossom. Start working on Bent Blossom. What about Bent Blossom? I usually reply with, “I have work to do” which really equates to Facebook.

Until 5 days ago. Now, I have more time than any one person should spend on Facebook. Yesterday I woke up thinking, “Tomorrow is October 1. Make a commitment to Bent Blossom for 30 days.” And that is why I am here. I have nothing else to do and for over 30 years, I have carried this idea to write, to share, to tell a story. Right now, this is all I have going for me.

I am at fall or fly moment. Only time will tell what my tattered wings can do.
Be brave,
Jamie Christine.



Change of course


I must, first and foremost, apologize for the delay in getting this blog up and running daily. It was not my intention to get lost on the road I was on. However, as I was preparing to launch Bent Blossom, I had several experiences that shifted my thoughts on the blog. I found myself careening off in a brand new direction. The odd thing about it; the new direction was more in line with my heart. I consider it a little nudge in the right direction from the universe.

So, I am working on getting a plan together about how I am going to proceed with Bent Blossom. I hope to get my petals all together very soon. 🙂

Hang in there. Please.
Jamie Christine