I recall, at about 6 years of age, that I would follow my mother around our home, on Dover road, begging her get to the family photo albums out of the hall closet so that I could look at the family photos, again. She would fuss at me, asking me, “why in the world did I want to see those stupid albums”. She wanted me to go outside and play with all the neighborhood kids. I wanted to study the photographs. I was mesmerized by images of my parents in the late 60’s or early 70’s. My father had dabbled in photography and while he never really pursued his interest, he had a good eye. A really good eye.

In elementary school, while other kids were running around the play ground, I wanted to be in the library reference room absorbing National Geographic Magazines. On Sunday evening, the CBS channel, after 60 minutes, the intro to Mutual Omaha’s Wild Kingdom would blaze across my television and it was love at first sight. I watched as many nature shows as I possibly could. I read as many nature and wildlife magazines that I could get my hand on. Always to see the images, to watch a story unfold, to learn, to travel and most of all, to photograph the world.

I knew I wanted to travel the world with the purpose of utilizing film and photography to tell a story of the people, the wildlife and their home.

I had no idea how long it would actually take me to pursue this noble desire but I am, at long last in hot pursuit.



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